We have extensive warehousing in both Peterborough and Arbroath. We are stockists for Sealed Air, Ilip, along with other manufacturers, holding stocks of all fruit and vegetable packaging.




We also hold stock of Cardboard Trays, Pads, Pallet Wrap, in fact all packaging required for your produce, whether for Supermarket sale or market sales.


If you cannot see an item on the website, please contact us, as this does not show all of our stock items.






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Plastic Tray & Lids

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Including - Ex-supermarket stocks, which we sell at a reduced rate.




We hold stocks and can supply any catering needs, including Cups, Glasses, Sandwich Packs, Cake Trays etc.




Plastic Crates


Fold and Stackable

One Use Crates

Rigid Crates

Storage Crates

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